Boat from Ilha Grande (Abraão) to Conceição do Jacarei

From BRL R$100.00
  • Duration: 20 Minutes
  • Location: Abraão, Rio de Janeiro
  • Product code: PMA5E0

Boat Ticket -  Ilha Grande (Abraão) to Conceição do Jacarei

The boats used for the Ilha Grande crossing are FlexBoats, which are known for their stability, safety, speed and they also have the ability to ferry large numbers of people safely and comfortably. A Flex boat has inflatable tubes along the sides of the boat, and together with a solid fiberglass hull, the hydrodynamics of this combination allows us to offer a fast crossing to Ilha Grande while at the same time a smooth ride.

Because of their high levels of buoyancy and low center of gravity Flex boats are virtually impossible to capsize. Even a puncture of the inflatable sides would not sink a Flex boat because the hulls float unassisted. Our sailors have years of experience and the boats have life jackets for every passenger.